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About Us

Stephen O'Keefe at 5 with a chest hearing aid and wires going to his ears

We are an accessibility consulting company based in B.C. which provides accessibility advice to organizations, whether it’s for compliance or as part of a business strategy.  Our solutions are tailored individually for each client.  Sometimes navigating the legislation or figuring out the right thing to do can be confusing.  We are here to help you with this, whether it’s coaching you through the process, providing an accessibility audit of your organization, or providing training to your team members. 


Our philosophy is one client, one solution.  We listen carefully to you and partner with your stakeholders to ensure their perspectives are considered.  We will work closely with you to implement pragmatic and actionable solutions in developing an accessibility strategy.  We are committed to moving beyond barriers and creating a more inclusive world for everyone.

About our Chief Accessibility Strategist

Stephen O’Keefe, our Chief Accessibility Strategist, provides consulting services to private, public, and non-profit organizations to help them comply with accessibility legislation and as a part of business strategy.  He draws upon his legal background and experience as a senior business leader and has lived experience of accessibility as he was born with a profound hearing loss.  


Stephen has a law degree from UBC, was the CEO of a national manufacturing business, and was the board chair of the Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of BC. His TEDx talk, “How to Listen Better,” was translated into 22 languages.   

He also developed and starred in a web TV series through Telus’ Optik channel, “Listening in a Silent World”, and a documentary on his life and stand-up comedy interests was featured on PBS and CBC.   In his free time, he likes to hang out with his beloved Goldendoodle, who refuses to listen to him.

Stephen O'Keefe sitting down and facing the camera
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