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Our Services

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Our strategic solutions are tailored individually for each client.  Sometimes navigating the legislation or figuring out the right thing to do can be confusing.  We are here to help you with this, whether it’s coaching you through the process, providing an accessibility audit of your organization, or providing training to your team members. Some of the services we provide include the following:


Accessibility Strategy

How to incorporate accessibility into your overall strategy picture


Accessibility Plans

Developing accessibility plans which are practical, actionable, and comply with legislation


Accessibility Committees and Community Engagement

Developing and facilitating accessibility committees and community engagement, including advice on best practices and legislative compliance


Feedback Mechanisms

Developing feedback mechanisms to ensure that accessibility concerns do not get overlooked by your organization, and to ensure you're in compliance.


Training and Support 

A critical part of an accessibility strategy is training and support for your organization, whether it's accessibility awareness or developing accessibility solutions.  Our training sessions are interactive, informative, and fun.


Accessibility Audits

Our accessibility audits include a broad assessment of your organization to determine if it follows best practices for accessibility, with an eye to the latest legislative trends.  Depending on the scope of the review, it may include items such as onboarding and recruitment procedures, physical layouts, internal communications, websites, and measurables.


Accessibility Legislation

We provide advice on accessibility legislation and future trends.



Sometimes you may just want to brainstorm accessibility solutions with us. We're here to listen to you.

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